PDF, XLS Report Scheduler Solution for Kibana®

Schedule, Generate, and Distribute Kibana Reports to Stakeholders

PDF, XLS, and PNG reports
Centralized scheduling and distribution


Supports Kibana 4 and 5
Easy to install enterprise ready solution

what is skedler?

Kibana is an excellent dashboard for visualizing Elasticsearch data, but it is not a substitute for email delivered static reports which your customers, compliance managers and other stakeholders expect to receive from you.

Skedler is an easy to use report scheduling and distribution application for Kibana that allows you to centrally schedule and distribute Kibana Dashboards and Saved Searches as hourly/daily/weekly/monthly PDF, XLS or PNG reports to various stakeholders.


Proactively Deliver Actionable Information

Skedler makes it easy and convenient for your busy customers and managers to receive actionable information conveniently via email.

Meet Compliance and Operations Requirement

Meet the compliance and operational requirements for infrastructure monitoring using static PDF or XLS snapshots.

Schedule and Manage Report Distribution

Centrally schedule and manage who gets which reports and when they get it. Setup hourly, weekly, monthly, and yearly schedules for reports.

Generate and Email PDF, XLS, PNG reports with ease

Skedler supports instant or scheduled report generation in PDF, XLS, and PNG formats.

Automatic Discovery of Kibana Dashboards and Saved Searches

Skedler automatically discovers your existing Kibana Dashboards and Saved Searches to make them available for reporting.

Dynamic Filters and Email Recipients

Set up query filters to Kibana dashboards when scheduling; Send customized reports to recipients based on query filters.

Eliminate Redundant Reporting Systems

Skedler allows you to drive both analysis and reporting from the Kibana platform, allowing the retirement of redundant reporting.

Manage Load on Elasticsearch

Email delivered reports minimize direct end user queries leading to cost savings in Elasticsearch infrastructure.

how it works

Skedler allows you to effortlessly schedule and manage the distribution of actionable reports to managers and other stakeholders. Schedule hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly reports in a simple, easy to use UI.



Premier Edition

Free Trial Version

  • $100 / month
  • Per kibana instance
  • (Paid Annually)
  • Generate PDF, XLS, CSV reports from Kibana dashboards and search

  • Smart report layout based on Kibana

  • Time window and query filters

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Server core based scaling


  • Nginx and shield support

  • Maintenance updates

  • Responsive support via email and our online help desk

  • Knowledge base

A volume discount is available for a single purchase of 10 or more licenses.
During your free trial, you’ll receive support via Skedler Forum.


Review our FAQs below. If you can’t find an answer for your question, please contact us

skedler supports Kibana 4 and 5 releases. It has been tested with all the respective dot releases.

skedler does not have a code dependency on Kibana and is an independent application. As you might be aware, Kibana architecture has changed quite a bit from v3 to v4 to v5, but skedler is engineered to work seamlessly with Kibana 4 and 5 releases. As a part of the annual maintenance option, we will provide updates for future releases of Kibana.

Building a reporting solution can take up a lot of your valuable time. In addition, maintaining the solution is challenge due to the frequent changes in Kibana and Elasticsearch. Skedler eliminates the pain of development and maintenance and provides this capability at an attractive price point. In addition, Skedler offers advanced features that have been developed by a team with deep expertise in ELK stack. We were the first to develop the innovative reporting solution for ELK and we are constantly adding new capability to the Skedler platform. Finally, Skedler offers amazingly responsive support to help you add an easy to use reporting solution for your application. We hope that all of these provide a compelling reason for you to partner with us.

apologize for the inconvenience. The trial license key is embedded in Skedler. You just need to activate it.
We send a reply immediately to acknowledge your contact request. If you don’t see the email in your inbox, please check your spam folder. The email will be sent from Skedler Team via mailer@infusionmail.com. Please add mailer@infusionmail.com to your safe senders list so that you do not miss important information from Skedler. If you do not find the email in your spam folder, please contact us at support@skedler.com. We will contact you back within 24 hours.

skedler runs on Node.js as an app and is best deployed in Linux operating system or Windows.

No. skedler does not send any data to cloud or our servers to generate reports. It is deployed in your servers and your data stays within your environment.

Please contact us and someone from the Skedler team will follow up with you within 24 hours. You can purchase Skedler with credit card or bank transfer. We are working to allow you to purchase Skedler license online.


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