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Our Story

Organizations that invest heavily in digital transformation continue to collect a mountain of data. While a new generation of open source tools is helping with the data analysis at scale, the employees are struggling to keep pace with the data.

While working on an elastic stack based remote monitoring and diagnostics application for industrial machines in 2016, Skedler’s founding team realized that even though Kibana dashboards with machine data were readily available, the field service engineers found them difficult to use. They failed to meet the service level agreements(SLA) for the machine uptime resulting in costly penalties. What they needed was a tool that generates daily summaries of existing issues that they can troubleshoot and resolve quickly

Skedler then built the first version of Reports to meet this critical requirement. Skedler Reports automated the daily distribution of open issues and other critical metrics as PDF/XLS reports generated from Elasticsearch-Kibana based remote monitoring dashboards to the field engineers’ email inbox. The daily and weekly reports enabled the field engineers and their manager to quickly identify the machines and locations that needed their immediate attention. More importantly, Skedler Reports enabled the Service organization to meet the mean time between failures (MTBF) and mean time to repair (MTTR) goals thereby avoiding penalties.

Since then, the Skedler team has built-upon this breakthrough product to help users in numerous Fortune 1000 and SMEs meet customer and operational objectives through automation and customized intelligence.


Our Team

Skedler is not a conventional enterprise software company. Traditionally, software companies employ an army of salespeople to sell difficult-to-use products at steep prices. Customers hate the sales calls and the costly wares.

At Skedler, we believe that users are sharp/smart enough to use the products that enrich their professional lives. Therefore, we focus all our efforts on only one thing: Develop great products that simplify user’s work while providing exceptional customer service.

During the free trial, we will help you understand the capabilities and value of our products. We will empower you with all the information and support that you need to evaluate and decide if our products and services meets your business requirements. Based on your experience, if you choose to use Skedler, we would be delighted to support you and be a part of your exciting journey.

The Skedler suite of products is designed, developed and supported by a passionate team of data enthusiasts spanning across Canada, India, and the USA.


Ready to innovate? Join the team behind Skedler products and bring in a new era of innovation in analytics and automation. If you have expertise in machine learning, visualization, monitoring, and data engineering, reach out to us.

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