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Skedler as Kibana Plugin

Just in time for the Elastic{On} 2016, we are excited to announce the availability of beta version of Skedler as Kibana plug-in.

Skedler Standard Edition made it easy to add report scheduling option to your Kibana/ELK application.  With Skedler Plug-in for Kibana, adding reporting option has become even simpler.   You can simply deploy the Skedler Plugin package in Kibana, configure the reporting.yml file and start scheduling reports from within your ELK application.

Skedler - Schedule reports from ELK Stack

Skedler Plugin in Kibana

Skedler Plug-in offers most of the features available in the Standard Edition.  The following features are currently available only in the Standard Edition and not in the Plug-in version.

  • Automatic saved search discovery
  • PDF reports from saved search
  • Include Excel report with PDF
  • Server core based scaling/multi-threading

The beta version of Skedler Plugin is now available to existing Skedler customers {only}.

If you are attending Elastic{On} and would like to see the Skedler Plug-in or Skedler Standard Edition in action, email shankar at guidanz dot com  to set up a time to meet in the conference.

Update as of 06/15/2016:  At this time, the Skedler plug-in is not available for download/beta.  The Skedler Standard/Advanced Edition offers the features and scalability that is currently not available in the plug-in architecture.  We invite you to try Skedler free.

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