Kibana Reporting in Action: A Dynetics Case Study

Kibana reporting with Dynetics Case Study

There are many circumstances in which high-profile businesses simply don’t retain effective tools to carry out performances within their data. In cases where a given company is highly invested and carries a turnout of information which their consumers need to access, it’s not uncommon for them to still be behind the times with regards to the kinds of products and platforms they use to administer that data. It may well be that they are unfamiliar with newer technologies which offer faster capabilities; or, on the other hand, they could already be using Kibana reporting without knowing about any added enrichments out there to make exporting and importing processes sleeker and more agile.

The Challenge

In the case of IT company Dynetics, a well-established business providing responsive, cost-effective engineering solutions to national security and critical infrastructure sectors with cumulative sales of over $3.5 billion, a new reporting solution was needed. Their impressive portfolio notably carried specialized technical services and a dynamic scope of both software and hardware products, including subsystems and sophisticated end-to-end systems.

Dynetics needed to determine a way to prepare and administer periodic reports to customers on cyber threat activity and security incidents on their IT infrastructure. They also wanted to keep their customers informed about the actions they were taking to resolve and regulate any cyber concerns to prevent them from recurring. In particular, they were looking to send intelligence reports which summarized issues and analyzed alerts and origin type of cyber-attacks. They had already tried to create their own reporting tool using Javascript API scripted browser Phantom.js, but it had been unsuccessful in meeting those auditing requirements.

The Solution

Made for the ELK stack, Kibana reporting through Skedler’s application proved to be the ideal solution for Dynetics’ needs. It provided an easy way to set up high quality reports, adding a core added value addition to their existing solution — essentially allowing their customers to review cyber and intelligence reports at will. Dynetic’s cybersecurity analyst Ben also noted: “Skedler was extremely easy to setup and is very simple to use. We hooked it up to our application, configured the email, and we were ready to send out reports to customers in less than an hour.”

During the free trial phase, Dynetics supplied feedback to the Skedler team on changes they wanted to see in their Kibana reports. Skedler implemented those changes swiftly, allowing the company to set up enhanced reporting generation. Now, the team is looking forward to also using Skedler for internal reporting requirements.

Overall, three major issues were met, which called above and beyond what Dynetics sought out for their initial reporting needs. Skedler managed to:

  • Significantly reduce time and cost savings
  • Create an intuitive platform offering ease of use
  • Offer all-around customer support

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