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Send Kibana Reports to Slack, Create Reports from Grafana

#Slack, You got Skedler Reports from Elasticsearch Kibana & Grafana

What if your users are on #Slack, and they need daily, weekly or monthly recap of data from your ELK based operational log analytics, security analytics, or call data record analytics, or social media analytics application?  Skedler v3.2 now has a solution for you.  With the latest version, you can distribute custom reports to users via email or #Slack.

Send Reports from ELK to #Slack using Skedler v3.2

Send Reports from ELK to #Slack using Skedler v3.2

Reports are attached to Slack messages and users can drilldown to the dashboard from the #Slack message.  Getting to the data analytics just got a whole lot easier with Skedler v3.2

Create Reports from Grafana – Beta

Grafana is a powerful dashboard platform for analytics and monitoring if you have a mixed data sources such as Influxdb, Elasticsearch,  Prometheus, AWSCloudwatch and more.  Today, we are pleased to announce the beta version of Skedler Reports for Grafana.  With Skedler v3.2, you can create, schedule, and distribute custom reports based on Grafana dashboards similar to how you can create reports based on Kibana dashboards.

See a demo of how you can drag and drop charts to create custom reports in Skedler.  The charts can either be from Grafana dashboard or Kibana dashboard.  Creating reports is easy as ever.

[video_embed video=”APEOKhsgIbo” parameters=”” mp4=”” ogv=”” placeholder=”” width=”700″ height=”400″]

You can download Skedler v3.2 from the Free Trial page and try out the Grafana Reports.

Skedler Reports on Docker

We have heard from users that getting started with Skedler Reports is terribly easy.  Now we have made it even more easier with Skedler Reports on Docker.  With just a handful of commands, you can set up your Skedler Reports and start reporting.  Watch the demo:

[video_embed video=”y05K-7bW3Is” parameters=”” mp4=”” ogv=”” placeholder=”” width=”700″ height=”400″]

Get started by using this Step-by-Step Guide for installing Skedler with Docker

Report Annotation, ELK 5.6.1 support and more

Skedler v3.2 is loaded with several features including

  • Ability to annotate reports using Reports Designer
  • More flexibility in adding individual page titles in reports
  • Support for ELK 5.6.1

Download Skedler v3.2

Wanna try out the new features in Skedler Reports?  Download and test drive Skedler Reports v3.2 for free.  In the free trial version, you can create custom reports, create hourly reports and experience the ease of creating reports with Skedler.

Let us know your thoughts on Skedler v3.2.

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