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REST API and iFrame to email Kibana dashboard Reports

What if you could generate a PDF or XLS report of Kibana dashboard on the fly using REST API, without having to go to the  Kibana dashboard or Skedler dashboard?  What services would you be able to offer to your users and customers?  Would you embed the report generation option in your application?  Would you offer a mobile app for analysis and report generation?  Would you attach a report on the fly to your alert notification?

Introducing Skedler REST API and iFrame option

Skedler PDF/XLS Report Solution for Kibana now offers two features that opens up a multitude of possibilities:

  • REST API – allows you to schedule, generate, customize PDF/XLS Reports of Kibana dashboards and Searches from any application.
  • iFrame – allows you to embed/white label Skedler as an iFrame in your application.   Users can seamlessly schedule reports from within your application.

Skedler REST API for Kibana Report Generation

With Skedler REST API for Kibana PDF-XLS report generation you can:

  • Generate and mail quick reports.
  • Create reports and filters
  • Set and get email configuration details and timezone settings.
  • Get all the scheduled reports and filter list.

Your application will use the standard HTTP methods like GET, PUT, POST and DELETE methods. Because the REST API is based on open standards, you can use any web development language to access the API.  You can also use CURL to test these methods.

Embed Skedler in your Application

You can seamlessly integrate Skedler into your customized Kibana application or another application with the Skedler iFrame feature.  This removes the header and footer from Skedler application.  In addition, you can customize Skedler CSS to match the look-n-feel of your application.

With the iFrame option you can:

  • Include Skedler Reports, Filters, Email configuration pages individually in your application
  • You can pass query filters to the Skedler pages to filter the display by user id etc.
  • You can pass the userId from your authentication tool such as SearchGuard to the Skedler pages.

Feature Availability

Rest APIs and iFrame features are currently in Beta.  They are available with Skedler v2.4 release.

  • Rest APIs is available in the Premier Edition.
  • iFrame option is available in the Advanced Edition.

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