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LDAP integration with Skedler

LDAP integration with Skedler – authentication made simpler!


Businesses today rely heavily on professional applications for every daily task or critical operation. These applications should be set up with secure user authentication. Solutions such as LDAP will allow the users to save more time on manual management of critical information and avoid its risks. LDAP integration is one of the features to look for while selecting an application for your daily tasks.


LDAP or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol is a software protocol that allows individual users and applications to find and verify whatever information they need within their organization. It has been used as a database of information, primarily storing information like:

  • Users
  • Attributes about those users
  • Group membership privileges

Organizations then used this information to enable authentication to IT resources such as applications or servers. The LDAP database validates whether users would have access to the applications by verifying the user’s credentials.

LDAP authentication

A user cannot access information stored within an LDAP database or directory without first authenticating (proving they are who they say they are). The database typically contains user, group, and permission information and delivers requested information to connected applications.

LDAP authentication involves verifying provided usernames and passwords by connecting with a directory service that uses the LDAP protocol. Some LDAP directory servers are OpenLDAP, MS Active Directory, and OpenDJ.

LDAP Integration with Skedler

Skedler is a report-automation tool created to reduce the amount of time and money invested daily in a cumbersome task in data analytics such as reporting. Generating and distributing reports from Security Onion, Kibana and Grafana has never been easier. With Skedler, MSSPs can generate compliance reports (e.g., PCI, ASV reports) quickly and efficiently to save countless man-hours, deliver reports 10x faster, and enable their customers to mitigate vulnerabilities more quickly.

If you have not already, download Skedler to check out how easy it is to automate your reports. You will be shocked at the amount of time saved every day!


Like any other LDAP-integrated application, Skedler also uses the integration to authenticate users based on their LDAP credentials. Once the LDAP integration is completed in the Skedler Admin account, any user with correct credentials from the LDAP database can log in to Skedker without creating a separate Skedler account.

When a new user attempts to log in to Skedler, the integration checks to see if this user has an existing Skedler account. If not, it automatically queries the LDAP server for the entered username and password. If a matching LDAP account is found, Skedler creates a new account for the user and logs the user into the organization. 


Steps for LDAP integration with Skedler

New User

Before going through the steps to integrate Skedler with LDAP authentication, please refer to this documentation to install Skedler and activate the license. Once Skedler is installed on your machine, follow these steps to integrate LDAP authentication.

  1. Add LDAP configuration to the Skedler reporting.yml file.
  2. Sign in with LDAP user credentials

Skedler then validates the entered credentials with the LDAP server. Based on the reporting.yml configuration, Skedler will map the user to the respective roles and organizations.

We have created this support documentation with detailed steps. Take a quick look.

Existing User 

If you are an existing Skedler user, you can follow these steps to incorporate LDAP authentication:

  1. Upgrade to the Skedler’s latest version
  2. Configure the reporting.yml file
  3. Restart the server 
  4. Login using LDAP credentials

Note that if you are adding new roles or organizations to your LDAP server, you have to add the same in Skedler reporting.yml file as well.

Future of Skedler with LDAP integration

This is an opportunity to dedicate your time to areas of innovation and remediation! Skedler is here to help you bring more value to your product, customers, and other stakeholders by automating your cumbersome daily task of reporting.

MSSPs commonly lack visibility into user accounts and activity. They manually manage their resource access, accounting for a decentralized and unorganized Identity and Access Management model filled with redundancies, friction, and security risk. With the new LDAP integration, Skedler can easily identify new or existing users and log them in securely in no time, without ever going to the Admin to ask for credentials or permission.

With Skedler, you can save time, secure your business and provide a seamless employee and customer experience.

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