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Reporting for Elasticsearch Kibana 5.0 Dashboard

Skedler 2.5 + Elastic Stack 5.0 = Awesome Reporting

Skedler v2.5 Reporting for Elastic stack 5.0 is released

Looking for a reporting solution for your Elasticsearch Kibana 5.0 (Elastic stack 5.0) that is proven, easy-to-use, and doesn’t break the bank?

Skedler v2.5 is here to the rescue! We are happy to announce the general availability of Skedler v2.5 that helps you to add reporting to Elastic stack 5.0 within minutes.   You can instantly enjoy the benefits of a solution that is widely deployed with ELK platforms.

You can download free trial here.

New Features in Skedler v2.5

  • Support for Elastic stack 5.0.   Skedler v2.5 supports the following versions:
    • Elasticsearch:  1.7 and higher
    • Kibana: 4.1 and higher

Skedler can be run on Linux 6 or 7 and Windows.

  • Support for Docker
    • Configure persistent UI and log folders to enable upgrade and reloading Docker containers.
  • Error detection and notification
    • In case of empty reports or errors, Skedler will automatically send a warning email to administrators.  Empty reports will not be sent to recipients.

For Our OEM Partners

Skedler Team is honored to add value to a number of solutions offered by our OEM partners across the world.   In the previous release, we added the REST API and iFrame options.  We made it simple to schedule, generate, and distribute reports from within your application.  In Skedler v2.5, we have added the following new features for our OEM partners:

  • Package and deploy Skedler as a Docker container with your solution easily.
    • Configure the folders for UI components and log files so that you can persist them during upgrade or reloading the container.
  • Skedler base path is changed to /skedler which makes it easy to embed Skedler within your UI.

We are continuously striving to make Skedler the easiest reporting solution to embed and deploy.

Experience Skedler v2.5

The best way to experience the value of the new Skedler is to try it out with your ELK stack.  It takes just a few minutes to install Skedler.

Try it for free.

Experience our world class support and let us know your feedback.

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