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Skedler Reports v3.3 - Historical Reports Viewer

Announcing Skedler Reports v3.3 for ELK 6.1.1

Introducing Skedler Reports v3.3

Upgrading to Elasticsearch(ELK) stack 6.1.1 and looking for a powerful, yet affordable and easy to use reporting alternative to X-Pack?  Introducing Skedler Reports v3.3 that enables custom reporting for Elasticsearch Kibana 6.1.1 and also Grafana.   With Skedler Reports v3.3, you can:

  • Schedule, create and distribute powerful, custom PDF, XLS, CSV reports from Elasticsearch-Kibana 6.1.1 platform.  ELK 5 is also supported.
  • Search and view historical reports.
  • Create, schedule, and generate reports directly from your application using REST API.
  • Add tags to reports for easier classification and searching.
  • Connect Skedler to Elasticsearch Kibana securely using SSL/TLS.
  • Use Skedler Reports with Search Guard Kibana Plug-in

Below is a quick look at the highlights of Skedler Reports v3.3.

Elasticsearch Kibana 6.1.1 Support

Ever since the launch of Skedler v1.0 for ELK 1.x,  Skedler has kept pace with the ELK releases and provided powerful reporting features for ELK users.  Skedler releases for new versions of ELK are typically available within a month from the GA of the ELK releases.

With Skedler v3.3, you can now create informative and stylish reports from ELK 6.1.1.  If you have applications on older versions of ELK, you can still use the latest version of Skedler which supports ELK 2.3.x to 6.1.1.

Search and Download Historical Reports

Are your users requesting copies of reports from the past?  No problem! Skedler v3.3 makes it easy to search historical reports by attributes.  You can search for historical reports by

  • Time
  • Tags (more on it later in this article)
  • Format (PDF/Excel)
  • Scheduling Frequency
  • Recipients

You can instantly download a copy of the report and share it with your users when they need it.   Historical Reports feature is available in Skedler Premium and Enterprise Edition.

REST API for Integration

Are you looking to generate reports from ELK stack using API?  Skedler v3.3 makes it easy to create, schedule and generate reports using REST APIs.

The Skedler Reports REST API allows you to

  • Create reports for Kibana/Grafana Dashboards
  • Get a list of all the reports
  • Instantly generate and send the reports via Mail and Slack
  • Schedule a report
  • Configure report action(Mail/Slack) for the created reports.

Integration via REST API is available in Skedler Designer Edition.

Organize and Search Reports with Tags

As the number of reports grows in your organization, you need better tools to organize and search the reports.  Tags in Skedler v3.3 provide an efficient way to organize the reports.  You can assign multiple tags to a report and search across tags to filter the reports.

What Else is New in Skedler v3.3

There are several more features in Skedler v3.3 that simplify reporting for Elasticsearch Kibana and Grafana applications.  You can learn more about these capabilities and review the release notes here.

Try Skedler v3.3 Free

Download Skedler Reports from the Free Trial page and try it free to see if it meets the reporting requirements for your Elasticsearch Kibana or Grafana application.

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