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Skedler Reports v4.15.0 now supports Grafana 7.1.0

Now Skedler supports Grafana 7.1.0. with all its new features in Skedler Reports v4.15.0

Influx data source

Support for Flux and Influx v2 has been added, now Build Grafana Dashboards with InfluxDB, Flux, and InfluxQL and explain the changes in depth.

Query history search

In Grafana v 7.1 we are introducing search functionality in Query history. You can search across queries and your comments. It is especially useful in combination with a time filter and data source filter. 

Explore modes unified

Grafana 7.1 includes a major change to Explore: it removes the query mode selector. Many data sources tell Grafana whether a response contains time series data or logs data. Using this information, Explore chooses which visualization to use for that data. This means that you don’t need to switch back and forth between Logs and Metrics modes depending on the type of query that you want to make. Grafana 7.1 includes a major change to Explore: it removes the query mode selector.

Internal links for Elasticsearch

The new internal linking feature for Elasticsearch allows you to link to other data sources from your logs. You can now create links in Elastic configuration that point to another data source (similar to an existing feature in Loki). An example would be using a trace ID field from your logs to be able to link to traces in a tracing data source like Jaeger.

Ad hoc filtering in the new table panel

Ad hoc filtering, a way to automatically add filters to queries without having to define template variables is now supported in the new Table panel.

Provisioning of apps

Grafana v7.1 adds support for the provisioning of app plugins. This allows app plugins to be configured and enabled/disabled using configuration files. 

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