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Skedler Reports v4.17.0 now supports Grafana 7.2.0

Here are the highlights of what’s new and improved in Skedler v4.17.0 & Alerts 4.9.0. For detailed information about this release, check the release notes.

New date formatting options added

You can now customize how dates are formatted in Grafana. Custom date formats apply to the time range picker, graphs, and other panel visualizations which is now supported for Skedler.

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This screenshot shows both a custom full date format with a clock and am / pm suffix. The graph also shows the same 12-hour clock format and a customized month and day format compared to the Grafana default MM/DD format.

Date formats are set for a Grafana instance by adjusting server-wide settings in the Grafana configuration file. We hope to add org- and user-level settings in the future.


full_date = MMM Do, YYYY @ hh:mm:ss a

interval_second = hh:mm:ss a

interval_minute = hh:mm a

interval_hour = MMM DD hh:mm a

interval_day = MMM DD

interval_month = YYYY-MM

interval_year = YYYY

Field options are now available with full swing!

Table Column filters added

You can now dynamically apply value filters to any table column. This option can be enabled for all columns or one specific column using an override rule.

New field override selection options

You can now add override rules that use a regex matcher to choose which fields to apply rules to. The Field options content has been updated as a result of these changes.


New transformations and enhancements

Grafana 7.2 includes the following transformation enhancements supported to Skedler,

  • A new Group By transformation that allows you to group by multiple fields and add any number of aggregations for other fields.
  • The Labels to field transformation now allows you to pick one label and use that as the name of the value field.
  • You can drag transformations to reorder them. Remember that transformations are processed in the order they are listed in the UI, so think before you move something!

Drag to reorder queries

The up and down arrows, which were previously the only way to change query order, have been removed. Instead, there is now a grab icon that allows you to drag and drop queries in a list to change their order.

Inspect queries in Explore

The query inspector information provided in your dashboards can now also be reviewed in Explore. You can open the query inspector tab by clicking the button next to the query history.

$__rate_interval for Prometheus

You can now use the new variable $__rate_interval in Prometheus for rate functions. $__rate_interval, in general, is one scrape interval larger than $__interval but is never smaller than four times the scrape interval (which is 15s by default).

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