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Skedler Reports v4.18.0 now supports Grafana 7.3.0

Here are the highlights of what’s new and improved in Skedler Reports 4.18.0 & Alerts 4.10.0. For detailed information about this release, check the release notes.

Table improvements and new image cell mode

The table has been updated with improved hover behavior for cells that have longer content than what fits the current column width. Another new feature that can be seen in the image above is the new image cell display mode. If you have a field value that is an image URL or a base64 encoded image you can configure the table to display it as an image. 

Table color scheme

Another thing to highlight is that all these new color schemes are theme aware and adapt to the current theme. As this new option is a standard field option it works in every panel which is supported in Skedler v4.18.1

Shorten URL for dashboards and Explore

The new share shortened link capability allows you to create smaller and simpler URLs of the format /goto/:uid instead of using longer URLs that can contain complex query parameters. In Explore, you can create a shortened link by clicking on the share button in the Explore toolbar. In the dashboards, a shortened URL option is available through the share panel or dashboard button.


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