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Smarter PDF/XLS Reports from Kibana, REST API & iFrame with Skedler

We are delighted to announce the general availability of Skedler v2.4.  It addresses several key requirements for smarter, tightly integrated PDF, XLS reporting from Elasticsearch-Logstash-Kibana (ELK stack) applications.

Key Features in Skedler v2.4

  • Smarter Reporting
    • Automatic detection of empty PDF, XLS reports and notification to administrators. – Standard Edition and above
    • Automatic page numbering for PDF reports – Advanced Edition and above
  • Integration
    • iFrame support for embedding Skedler pages in your application without its header and footer. – Advanced Edition and above
    • REST API to configure, schedule, and generate reports from Kibana dashboards and searches. – Premier Edition

Smarter PDF, XLS Reports from Kibana Dashboard and Searches

Nobody likes an empty report, even if it has a smiley face icon.   Empty report is generated if there is an error in the dashboard/search query or if there is no data in the report time window.  Skedler v2.4 is smart enough to recognize an empty report (all the charts in the report are empty) and not email it to the recipients.  Instead, it will notify the administrator that an empty report was generated and enable the admin to investigate the root cause.

Another enhancement in Skedler v2.4 is the automatic page numbering for PDF reports.

Integrate Skedler into Your Application

Skedler v2.4 offers two features that enable you to tightly integrate report generation from Kibana dashboard and searches into your application.    

  • Skedler iFrame feature enables you to embed individual Skedler pages in your application without its header and footer.  You can make Skedler look just like your application with ease and also manage who sees what reports.
  • With the REST API, you can now do everything related to report generation from within your own application via apis.  This includes creating reports, generating ad-hoc reports and so on.

Please note that both these features are in beta at this time.  We welcome your feedback!

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