Simplify Export of
Kibana Dashboards
to CSV, Excel

Use Skedler to export Kibana dashboards to CSV, Excel, PDF reports in no time without burning a hole in your budget.

Export Kibana CSV, Excel Reports
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Export Kibana dashboards into CSV, Excel and generate PDF reports that showcase
your data and value to your Stakeholders. Skedler makes you a super hero.


Export Kibana
Dashboards to CSV,
Excel in a Snap

Skedler is easy to install, configure and use with Kibana. Start exporting Kibana dashboards to CSV, Excel, PDF reports in minutes and save up to 10 hours per week.

The Kibana CSV, Excel Export Solution
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Kibana Dashboards to CSV, Excel, PDF Reports with Skedler


Skedler is so easy and intuitive to use,even for a non-technical user.
It has saved me a ton of time!

- John Hirth, Program Manager

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Compare Skedler Editions for Exporting
Kibana Dashboards to CSV, Excel, PDF Reports

Product Features

Standard Premium Enterprise
Product Features For rapid automation of reports to internal users For sending impressive reports to your managers and stakeholders For sending value-magnifying reports to your customers
PDF/PNG/EXCEL/CSV Reports Yes Yes Yes
Scheduler Yes Yes Yes
Smart Layout Reports Yes Yes Yes
Custom Templates Yes Yes
HTML Reports Yes Yes
Custom Layout Reports Yes Yes
Burst Reporting (Filters) Yes Yes
Multi-tenancy (Spaces/Organization support) Yes
Number of Report Schedules 25 Unlimited Unlimited
Connectors Kibana, Grafana Kibana, Grafana Kibana, Grafana
Number of Elasticsearch Nodes Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited
1 Skedler Instance connects to 1 ELK cluster and 1 Grafana cluster.

* Flexible pricing available for smaller 1 and 3 node Elasticsearch clusters.
Contact Sales Contact Sales Contact Sales
All Editions run on Linux and Windows. Skedler is also available as Docker.

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