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Skedler Offline Activation

Skedler can be activated offline with an active key license file (license_key.dat / actOff.dat)* . To generate the license key file, you will need the product code (product_activation.txt / product.txt)* file from Skedler server. This file can be obtained via Skedler’s About menu. For step-by-step instructions on obtaining product_activation.txt / product.txt file, please refer to the Offline Activation section of Getting Started guide.

Please upload the product_activation.txt / product.txt file using the form below, and click on Activate button. This will generate the license_key.dat / actOff.dat file which can be downloaded to your computer.

* Skedler v3.5 and above the product code file is product_activation.txt and the generated license file is license_key.dat

* Skedler v3.4 and below the product code file is product.txt and the generated license file is actOff.dat

The license key file has been generated and will be downloaded shortly.

Once the license_key.dat / actOff.dat file is generated and downloaded, please transfer it to the Skedler server, and upload it via Skedler’s About menu . For detailed instructions on uploading the file and activating Skedler, please refer to Offline Activation section of Getting Started guide.

If you are having trouble generating the activation file using the form above, please contact the support team via Skedler Support.

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