Easy to Use Mobile Ready Reports for Elastic Stack and Grafana®

  • budget Add reporting within budget
  • quick Simple installation, quick configuration, faster deployment
  • visual Send visually appealing, personalized reports

Skedler Reports works with:

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Now, Devops can automate reports easily and
focus on more important things

Skedler was developed by Devops for Devops using Elastic stack and Grafana®. We were frustrated by the limited choices: expensive pack with non-reporting features that we didn’t need or spend time building and maintaining custom scripts.

We began to wonder - what if there was an easier and affordable way to automate the sending of reports to stakeholders? Skedler was built to make this process painless. Avoid expensive software and eliminate time-consuming home-grown scripts so that you can focus on delivering services at a higher velocity.


Send customized insights to stakeholders

Create mobile ready reports rapidly with automatic layouts or use report designer to customize reports. Burst personalized reports from a single dashboard using dynamic filters. Design your own report templates that reflect your brand.

  • clock Report setup takes less than 5 minute
  • email Send HTML, PDF, XLS, CSV reports on-demand or periodically via email or #slack
  • print Help users see and understand data faster with customized mobile & print-ready reports

Start Free, Pay Only For What You Need

PDF/PNG/EXCEL/CSV Reports Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Scheduler Yes Yes Yes Yes
Templates Yes Yes Yes
HTML Reports Yes Yes
Custom Layout Yes Yes
Burst Reporting (Filters) Yes Yes
Multi-tenancy Yes
Number of Reports 10 25 Unlimited Unlimited 2
Number of Parallel Threads 1 2 4 8 1
Licensing$995 contactGet a QuoteFree

All Editions run on Linux and Windows

Skedler is also available as Docker, AWS AMI

Other solutions are expensive and messy

How do we compare?
Skedler Reports
Home-grown scripts
Yes, start using for free
No, expensive and bundled with other features
No, expensive to build and maintain
Quick setup
No, time consuming to build and set-up

Yes, Use with Kibana® and Grafana®. Secure with SearchGuard, Nginx, Apache or X-Pack

No, works only with Kibana® and X-pack security

Mobile ready HTML reports

Yes, view metrics and trends inside email


Handle large reports
No, crashes for large reports
Customize reports
Yes, using easy to use designer
No, limited to dashboard layout
Personalize reports
Yes, apply dynamic filters

Compatible with frequent Elastic Stack and Grafana® updates

Yes, updates for latest releases
Yes, updates only for Elastic Stack updates
No, difficult to maintain keep pace with frequent changes
Customer Support included
Yes, exceptional support trusted by customers of all sizes
Yes, expensive support subscription required

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