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Skedler offers the most powerful, flexible and easy-to-use data monitoring solution that companies use to exceed customer SLAs, achieve compliance, and empower internal IT and business leaders.

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Skedler works with:

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Report a Pulse of Your Business

Skedler Reports automates delivery of actionable metrics and trends from Elasticsearch Kibana® and Grafana® to your customers and internal stakeholders.

  • configure Proven platform for meeting reporting service level agreement
  • platform Simple to install, configure, and use
  • meeting Flexible framework to meet complex requirements

Code-Free, Easy to Manage Alerts

Replace time-consuming code-based alerts with code-free UI driven Skedler Alerts to simplify monitoring of Elasticsearch data

  • Easy-to-use - no coding required
  • enterprise Flexible - use pre-built templates or create your own
  • troubleshoot Faster troubleshooting with drilldown to root cause data

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