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World's leading organizations trust Skedler for Reporting

Virgin Medio

No code, Intuitive Reporting

Deploy, connect, and start reporting from Elastic Stack and Grafana within minutes, all without a line of code and no sweat.

Create a report with zero coding

Customize Everything

Wow your customers, managers, and stakeholders with professional and visually stunning reports.

Automate Effortlessly

Set up hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or flexible schedules to generate and distribute reports with a click of button.

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Personalize to Stand Out

Make every report hit its target with personalization. Your customers and stakeholders deserve to see the data that they really need.


Built For Enterprise


Flexible Deployment

Deploy on air-gapped, private or public cloud environments with docker or VM on various flavors of Linux.


Multi-org with RBAC

Secure your reports with confidence using multi-org, group, user and role based access control features.


Easy Maintenance

Reimagined for cloud so you can spend less time on reporting and more on other fulfilling work.


Easy onboarding

Jumpstart your reporting with a free dedicated hour of onboarding from our experts.


Responsive Support

Get your reports without missing a bit with our knowledgebase and responsive online support.


Predictable Upgrades

Get feature rich and datasource compatibility upgrades on a predictable schedule

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"Skedler was a tremendous help because it was a very easy application to bring up with Grafana and Kibana. We use Skedler to send out all our reports to the field engineers and managers"


John Hirth

Program Manager at Enghouse Systems Limited.

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"We are using Skedler to create and distribute reports from Kibana. It is quite a way to save time and human resource that we were earlier investing on"


Sivan Chachashvili

CyOps Team Lead

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"Skedler Reports really helps our top-level management understand how the Digital Newspaper pages have performed on a weekly and monthly basis"


Poonkuyilan V

Digital Infrastructure Team Lead

Drive value with Skedler Reports

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