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What Do Our Customers Say About Skedler?


“I don’t have time to login and sit in front of a dashboard tracking how our business and IT operations is doing today. Skedler delivers the metrics and data that I care about directly in my mobile inbox without any cumbersome login.”

Ilan Twig
- CTO of Trip Actions

“Skedler is an amazing tool. At DomainsBot, we rely on it for our ElasticSearch reports as is truly the only reporting tool that seamlessly integrates with ElasticSearch, making it really important for us. Easy to use and install, I highly recommend it.”

Daniel Ruzzini
- CoFounder & CSO

At DosArrest, we decided to rely on Skedler to automate the process of creating and delivering reports for our clients. Skedler has become a key tool for us because the automation of our reports has saved us countless hours while providing valuable information to our client base.

Jenny Wong
- Managing Executive Director at DOSarrest Internet Security

“Skedler Alerts shortened the time to create alerts from 2 hours per alert to less than 5 minutes. Since Skedler is easy for anyone to use, I am also able to delegate alert creation to others in my team. Skedler has made data monitoring truly self-service at PSCU”

- Fraud Intelligence Manager, PSCU

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