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Impact of Artificial Intelligence in jobs and future

What Will Be the Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Future?

What effects will artificial intelligence have on our lives and jobs? What will change due to (or thanks to) artificial intelligence? Can AI change the course of history?

Just a few hours ago, the Rabbit R1 device was presented at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. This is an AI-powered gadget that has been trained to interact with different application interfaces to perform tasks. From controlling music, ordering you a car, shopping for you or sending messages, this device will be a great everyday assistant. Some enthusiasts are mentioning that it may be a future replacement for the cell phone. This is just one more example of what the future will be like with AI in our lives. Let’s dive in to see what the impact of AI will look like in the workplace.

In this blog, you will find an opinion on the effects that artificial intelligence will have in the future. Take into account that these are mere conjectures. Sadly, we haven’t been able to travel to the future to verify them!

Effects of Artificial Intelligence on Jobs

Let’s start by addressing this point as it is one of the most discussed topics. Without any doubt, artificial intelligence is changing the way many professionals do their daily tasks. For developers, ChatGPT has emerged as a great assistant that helps give ideas, fix bugs and write better code. It has also had a strong impact on cybersecurity teams.

On the other hand, for all of us who write content, artificial intelligence helps to write more correct content, without grammatical or spelling mistakes. AI sees everything that the human eye misses. A few months ago, we published an Expert Series where we spoke with Nik Hewitt, a BAFTA-winning storyteller with nearly three decades of experience in digital content creation and IT/cybersecurity journalism. He discussed the impact of artificial intelligence on his work, and it was a truly interesting conversation that we invite you to watch.

But artificial intelligence is not only impacting jobs primarily conducted on a computer. It is also assisting other professionals, such as lawyers. Of course, AI cannot guide clients due to its biases, and it would be very risky (at present) to rely on it for this.

However, it can be helpful. Imagine a case report of hundreds of pages; artificial intelligence can help summarize this content to be read in minutes instead of hours.

Benefits of incorporating AI in the workplace

Here are some of the benefits of adopting IA at work, to name a few:

  • increases efficiency
  • streamlines operations
  • automate tasks
  • reduces errors
  • enhances Data Analysis
  • allows predictive analytics

In short, AI works as a great assistant for many jobs. It’s like hiring a good partner who wears many hats, responds quickly, is never on vacation, and is always willing to lend a hand. However, AI is not a superhero, because it also has limitations.

Impact of AI in the future of our lives and jobs - Image by Claude AI UK

(Image: Claude AI UK – https://claudeai.uk/

The future of work with artificial intelligence

Understanding the potential of artificial intelligence raises various relevant questions:

  • Will jobs change in the near future?
  • Will AI replace professionals?
  • Will we all be out of work?

Again, we cannot know the answer to these questions for certain because we cannot travel to the future. But we can ask ChatGPT what it thinks about this!

ChatGPT about the impact of artificial intelligence

(ChatGPT screenshot)

One thing’s for sure – AI’s making a mark on our jobs. Some skills will become less important as we rely on technology, while other skills will emerge, and we will have to adapt to this new reality. What is certain is that those professionals with prosperous and richer careers will be the ones who learn to coexist, use, and make the most of artificial intelligence.

As for whether artificial intelligence or robots will replace some professionals, let’s say it is a plausible scenario – hence the concern. However, that does not necessarily mean that jobs will disappear. Perhaps new ones will be created, and we will be moving towards a technologically prepared society where everything operates faster and with fewer errors. And maybe, where many humans have to change their roles and become assistants to machines rather than those who operate them.

What do you think? Do you believe that artificial intelligence will take away our jobs?

Effects of Artificial Intelligence on Our Daily Lives

We have already explored the impact of artificial intelligence on jobs, but how will artificial intelligence affect our lives? What will the future be like? Again, we cannot have a clear answer to this question because, for now, no one has traveled to the future to tell us what will happen.

Artificial Intelligence will impact the future with automation (Source: Lenny Kuhne / Unsplash) 

However, we have no doubt that artificial intelligence and technological development, in general, will impact our lives. But what scenarios can we imagine today? Here are some possibilities of what artificial intelligence may offer:

  • Writing scripts for series and movies
  • Providing personalized learning experiences to each student
  • Automating a significant number of tasks
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Improving diagnosis accuracy and customizing treatments
  • Enhanced digital assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa with more features.

Today, artificial intelligence is already a part of our daily lives, and this is expected to only increase in the coming years. Some experts even say that AI ‘could be as transformative as the Industrial Revolution.’ Also, in an article published in Time a few months ago, Mustafa Suleyman stated: “This new era will create giant new businesses, empower a long tail of actors—good and bad—supercharge the power of some states, erode that of others. (…) In short, this represents the greatest reshuffling of power in history, all happening within the space of a few years.”

Conclusion: What Will Be the Effect of Artificial Intelligence in the Future?

Artificial intelligence will be present in a vast majority of aspects of our lives. From our homes, education, work, health services, transportation, banks, and security. Seeing it this way, we can affirm that we are experiencing a historic moment of change. It is in our hands to be part of the change and be early adopters.

AI is a reality and will reshape the future, so the sooner we start accepting it, learning to use it, and integrating it into our lives, the better we will adapt to the future.

Now, it’s totally normal to feel a bit shaky in times of change. Many people are “scared” of what AI might bringl. At this moment I think of those people who used to work on paper and saw a computer arrive in the office for the first time and thought: “oh no, my work here is coming to an end”.

From our present it is clear that we would have told them: relax, this computer is here to help you and help the world move forward, just learn how to use it and in a few years you will wonder what your life was like before.

For now, there are several skills in which AI cannot match us: leadership, creativity, empathy, humor – the human touch. So, let’s use AI as a wingman while we keep growing on the human side. Let’s watch the world change together!

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