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Tableau, Alteryx, Skedler - Which is the best report automation tool?

Best Report Automation Tools in 2024

Companies are constantly faced with large amounts of data. Manually sifting through these data sets to create meaningful reports is a time-consuming and exhausting task. Report automation is a solution in this scenario, as it helps streamline the reporting process by automating the generation and distribution of reports, thus transforming data into actionable information without human intervention.Best Report Automation Tools

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What Is Report Automation?

Automated reporting involves the creation of systems that automatically collect, process and present data, providing decision makers with valuable information. This approach not only saves time but also minimizes errors and facilitates informed decision-making through accurate information. According to a Salesforce report, 73% of IT leaders believe automation saves about 50% of the time. Similarly, 51% also add that automation can also reduce the overall costs by 10 to 50%.

What Are Report Automation Tools?

Automated reporting tools are software applications designed to automatically generate and distribute reports based on predefined parameters. These tools contribute to time efficiency, error reduction, and improved decision-making by offering accurate, timely, and relevant information. Different types of reports, such as analytical, informative, marketing, and research reports, require diverse automation tools tailored to their specific needs.

It is important to note that the tools listed below represent only a glimpse into the broad landscape of reporting automation solutions available on the market. This selection constitutes our curated selection of the best report automation tools for 2024, recognizing that numerous options cater to diverse needs and preferences.

Best Report Automation Tools in 2024


Skedler is the ultimate report automation tool, serving as an alternative to Grafana and Kibana when it comes to reporting. Trusted by companies worldwide, it simplifies report generation by extracting and transforming data from connected sources, optimizing time and resources. It is a very cost effective tool and offers a 15-day free trial. 


NinjaOne stands out for its structured and standardized report generation capabilities. As a unified IT management platform, it simplifies documentation by allowing users to structure and standardize procedures effortlessly, facilitating easy extraction of insights for team members.


Developed by EPAM and the open-source community, ReportPortal is an AI-powered platform designed to gather and analyze test automation results in one central location. Offering flexibility with various report types and smooth integration with frameworks like Node.js and SoapUI, it excels as an automation test reporting tool.


LambdaTest is a next-generation AI-powered mobile app and cross-browser testing cloud platform, providing an AI-powered test analytics system. Though pricey and challenging for new users, it offers valuable insights through artificial intelligence on test case data.


Alteryx Analytics Cloud is recognized for self-service data preparation. It automates analytics to extract actionable insights, utilizing generative artificial intelligence for reliable data analytics solutions. Its integrations include Snowflake, Tableau, AWS, Power BI, and more.

Calliope Pro

Calliope Pro is the go-to choice for real-time test results reporting and monitoring. Although new users may find certain settings challenging, it provides a dashboard for sharing, analyzing, and comparing automated test results.


Tableau, a popular data visualization and business intelligence tool, stands out for its easy-to-use interface, diverse data source connectivity, and responsive dashboards. It enables non-technical users to create reports quickly and efficiently.


AnswerRocket utilizes natural language processing for business intelligence, allowing users to type questions and receive instant reports. Known for its simplicity and good reports, it aids non-technical users in extracting valuable insights.

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics, a reporting and business intelligence software, features AI, machine learning, and natural language processing technologies. Its drag-and-drop interface and integration with various databases make it a go-to choice for creating visually pleasing reports.

Why Skedler Is the Best Report Automation Tool

Are you searching for a Grafana alternative? Wondering if there’s an alternative for Elasticsearch or Kibana in terms of reporting? Well, meet Skedler – the ultimate tool for making reports with Grafana and Kibana. Embraced by teams worldwide, Skedler boasts a user-friendly experience (no coding required) and a significant enhancement to the reporting process. Enjoy the freedom to personalize templates and decide who receives your reports, their content, and the frequency of delivery.

And the icing on the cake? Skedler is a cost-effective alternative to Grafana and Kibana. For more insights into our pricing, don’t hesitate to request a quote. You can also dive into our 15-day free trial – no commitments, no restrictions, just exploring our tool!

Why Skedler Is the Best Report Automation Tool

  • Time and Effort Savings: Skedler cuts down on repetitive tasks, saving time and effort for data teams.
  • Real-time Decision-Making: Automation facilitates quicker decision-making by providing timely insights.
  • Improved Accuracy and Consistency: Automated processes ensure accuracy and consistency in report generation.
  • Scalability and Growth: Skedler supports scalability, accommodating growth without compromising efficiency.
  • Resource Optimization: Teams can allocate efforts more efficiently with automated reporting.
  • Collaboration and Transparency: Automation promotes collaboration and transparent sharing of reports.

Skedler: The Alternative to Grafana and Kibana

Skedler emerges as the best alternative to Grafana and Kibana, offering easy automation of reports with an intuitive UI. Recognized for templates and excellent customer support, Skedler is trusted by companies such as Bosch, Stonex, Yunex, Euronext, Talabat, and more.

Reporting automation has proven to be a game changer, especially when working with platforms such as Grafana and Kibana. DevOps teams, in particular, are witnessing significant benefits from streamlining their reporting processes. Time-consuming efforts to create beautiful, error-free reports become a thing of the past when Skedler enters the picture.

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