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Expert Series | Revolutionizing DevOps with Automation w/ Kaan Turgut

In this edition of our Expert Series, we had the privilege of conversing with Kaan Turgut, currently working as a DevOps Automation Analyst at Cowan Insurance Group. We talked with him about the importance of DevOps automation, future trends, and the potential of AI and ML to maximize DevOps automation. 

The Journey to DevOps Automation

Kaan’s background was in infrastructure engineering until he discovered the world of DevOps engineering and acquired additional skills to become a professional in this field, particularly specializing in automation. For Kaan, it’s clear: “The benefits of DevOps automation for organizations are substantial. They can gain speed, reliability, and scalability.” Additionally, it allows for better resource utilization. According to a report by Zapier, 94% of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) engage in repetitive, time-consuming tasks. For 90% of knowledge workers, automation has improved their jobs, and 66% have increased their productivity.

In his day-to-day work, he collaborates with his team to automate processes, so we asked him about the factors they consider before deciding to automate a process. He emphasizes that the key is to take into account factors such as frequency, complexity, and the impact on the organization that automating a task would have. Typically, they focus on automating frequent, repetitive tasks with significant impact. “Those tasks are prime candidates for automation,” Kaan reveals.

By automating these tasks, businesses save valuable time and ensure a higher level of consistency and accuracy in their operations. This, in turn, boosts productivity, reduces human error, and allows employees to focus on more strategic and creative aspects of their work, ultimately leading to improved overall performance and competitiveness in the market. At Skedler, we know firsthand that these benefits are key, as our tool was specifically designed to empower DevOps teams by automating reports, enabling them to optimize their time and resources. 

Among the examples of tasks he has automated in his work, setting up virtual machines for employees and the installation and configuration of software stand out. Thanks to this, employees are assured that all tools are set up consistently, whether on virtual machines or physical computers. Another noteworthy project in his professional experience as a DevOps engineer has been implementing automation that has enabled faster and more reliable software releases. If you want to learn more about the use cases of how Kaan Turgut is contributing to his team with automation, don’t miss our conversation with him.

The Future of DevOps Automation

When discussing the future, Kaan Turgut’s insights into automation are forward-thinking. He envisions several emerging trends that will shape the landscape of DevOps automation. These include the integration of AI and ML for smarter decision-making, an increased focus on security automation, and the growth of ITOps and infrastructure as code.

Kaan firmly believes in the integration of AI into DevOps workflows. “We need to learn about AI and integrate it into our work“, he emphasizes. Given his role in automation, he recognizes the potential of AI to make processes faster, more reliable, and less reliant on hard coding or manual effort. By harnessing AI, DevOps experts can further enhance efficiency and reliability.

Looking ahead, Kaan plans to continue his journey of growth within the cloud and DevOps domain. He aspires to gain expertise in the AI industry and merge it with his DevOps Cloud knowledge, ultimately becoming a DevOps Consultant in the future. His commitment to innovation and continuous learning is a testament to his dedication to the ever-evolving field of DevOps automation.

About Kaan Turgut

Kaan Turgut, a seasoned Cloud & DevOps Engineer, currently serves as the DevOps Automation Analyst at Cowan Insurance Group, bringing over three years of expertise to the forefront.

His professional journey is intricately woven into the realm of multi-cloud environments, with a specialized focus on Microsoft Azure. Proficient in tools like Terraform, Terraspace, Azure DevOps, and scripting languages, Kaan’s repertoire extends to notable automation projects, including a groundbreaking Python script designed to streamline software installation and configuration for new employee laptops, enhancing efficiency and minimizing errors. His digital presence is evident through his contributions on Medium, his LinkedIn professional network, and his GitHub repository.


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