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DevOps Engineer interview

Expert Series | Talking DevOps w/ Aman Pathak

Welcome to a new edition of our expert series! Today, we talk to a DevOps professional and delve into automation, MLOps and DevSecOps.

Don’t miss the opportunity to gain valuable insights and knowledge from this talk! We have selected the key highlights of our conversation with him, and we also invite you to check out the full video.

What is DevOps?

DevOps (Development Operations) is an approach to collaboration and communication between the development team and the operations team within a company. The aim of DevOps is to streamline the software development life cycle, from ideation to production, enabling quick and reliable deployment and updates.

What is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps, meaning Development, Security, and Operations, is the practice of integrating security testing at every stage of the software development process. It’s an approach that addresses culture, automation, and platform design, integrating security as a shared responsibility throughout the entire IT life cycle.

In the collaborative framework of DevOps, security is currently a shared and integrated responsibility throughout the process. This practice involves considering application and infrastructure security from the outset. It also entails automating certain security gates to prevent slowing down the DevOps workflow. In DevSecOps teams, security issues are addressed as they arise, when they are easier, faster, and less costly to resolve. Security becomes a shared responsibility rather than something exclusive to a security silo.

What is MLOps?

MLOps, or Machine Learning Operations, is an approach that combines DevOps practices with the development and deployment of Machine Learning models. The goal of MLOps is to develop, train, and deploy ML models with automated procedures that integrate Data teams, developers, security, and infrastructure. The objective is to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the Machine Learning model development process and its implementation in production environments.

Top keys to being a successful DevOps Engineer

If you want to become a great DevOps engineer, these are the things you should keep in mind, according to Aman Pathak:

Never stop learning

Staying current with new technologies is challenging in the ever-evolving DevOps landscape, but you need to learn continuously to be a great DevOps engineer. Embrace continuous learning, take advantage of emerging opportunities and stay hungry to learn to succeed in the dynamic DevOps field.

More than writing code

DevOps engineers need many more skills than just writing code. Automating tasks, understanding systems and networks and knowing how to communicate effectively are key to this role.

Integrating new technologies

Continuous learning and integration of new technologies are essential to improve software development and become better professionals.

Reduce errors

The goal of DevOps is also to reduce errors. Here, automation is of great help. Also, collaboration plays a big role in DevOps as it makes it possible to communicate effectively with the teams involved, and share information and ideas in real time. Don’t miss our selection of the best devops automation tools to increase efficiency.

Breaking silos

Information is often siloed when working on IT projects. In DevOps, DevSecOps and MLOps, the key is to break these silos between data scientists, ML engineers and operations teams.

About Aman Pathak

Aman Pathak DevOps Professional Profile Pic

Aman Pathak is a DevOps professional from India who has extensive experience in optimizing software development and deployment. With proven expertise in streamlining CI/CD pipelines and improving automation, Aman shares his insights and experience. Check out our engaging conversation with him! We invite you to follow him on LinkedIn so you don’t miss his adventures in the DevOps world.

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