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Expert Series: Rajneesh Maurya Web developer and open source contributor

Expert Series [10] | From Novice to Advocate & the Impact of Developer Communities w/ Rajneesh Maurya

Welcome to our inaugural Expert Series! The Expert Series is a curated collection of engaging conversations with different personalities from the world of technology. In each episode, we delve into the experiences, journeys, and expertise of our esteemed guests, bringing you inspiring stories and invaluable insights.

Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation with Rajneesh Maurya, where we delve into the world of web development and community building.

Rajneesh’s Inspiring Journey

“My older brother was the one who inspired me to get into the world of web development, he was coding on his Macbook and I started asking him what he was doing and that’s when my interest in the subject grew,” explains Rajneesh. Today Rajneesh is pursuing his studies to become a professional web developer. “My plan is to focus on my studies and I also pay close attention to open source communities, where I get to be in touch with other professionals.”

We know that artificial intelligence has had a big impact on the work of many professionals, including developers, as tools like ChatGPT can be a good coding partner. What is your role with students, is it really being a help? Rajneesh comments that IA plays an important role in the process of a student developer: “For me IA is a very great tool, it is very interesting to learn and boost your knowledge, it helps you to create a roadmap to improve your projects. If you have any questions during your learning, you can go to ChatGPT and ask him for guidance.” 

“Social media helps me to have interactions with other developers, for me Twitter is the best platform to find help and help other developers. I have learned a lot because of active developers on Twitter.” Rajneesh is a very active Twitter user, although he says it is important to dedicate time to social networking “once you are done with your daily goals”. 

During our conversation with Rajneesh he mentions open source projects and communities several times. For this avid learner, open source plays a key role in his development: “If you are a developer, be it web developer, android developer or whatever, you should make contributions to open source and gain experience from there,” says Rajneesh. 

About Rajneesh Maurya

Rajneesh Maurya is a frontend and backend development enthusiast with a flair for exploring new technologies. Rajneesh has already accomplished a great deal in his learning journey, having created several projects using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python. But his contributions extend beyond personal growth, as he actively engages with the tech community, and helps beginners kickstart their content creation endeavors.

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