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Skedler Reports v4.11.1 now supports Grafana 6.7.x

Now Skedler supports Grafana 6.7.x with all its new features in Skedler Reports v4.11.1

Enforce minimum dashboard refresh interval

Allowing a low dashboard refresh interval can cause severe load on data sources and Grafana. Grafana v6.7 allows you to restrict the dashboard refresh interval so it cannot be set lower than a given interval. This provides a way for administrators to control dashboard refresh behavior on a global level.

Stackdriver project selector

A Stackdriver data source in Grafana is configured for one service account only. That service account is always associated with a default project in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Depending on your setup in GCP, the service account might be granted access to more projects than just the default project.

In Grafana 6.7, the query editor has been enhanced with a project selector that makes it possible to query different projects without changing the data source.

White labeling customizes application title

A new white-labeling option is introduced to customize the application title. As with all configuration options, you can also be set with environment variables.

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