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Skedler v2.0 – Next Generation Reporting for ELK is Here!

It has been just 2 weeks since we released Skedler v 1.3, but we are thrilled to announce the availability of Skedler v2.0, the next generation of the Report Scheduler for Kibana/ELK applications. The new version has been re-architected from the ground up to provide an amazingly simple but powerful reporting solution for your ELK based log analysis, security, or analytics applications.

Skedler v2.0 is packed with innovative features and unmatched capability.  A few highlights are given below:

Support for Kibana 4.4 and Elasticsearch 2.2

The new release supports the latest release of Elasticsearch (2.2) and Kibana (4.4).  This is inline with the commitment to our customers to have Skedler keep pace with the latest releases of Kibana and Elasticsearch.   Our philosophy is that customers shouldn’t have to worry about the frequent architectural changes in Kibana or Elasticsearch.  We will handle it and make your life easy!

New Wizard UI for Scheduling Reports

Skedler v2.0 provides a step-by-step approach to scheduling reports.  You can create reports from dashboards or searches, customize the report, schedule it, and set up the email template in an intuitive UI.

PDF and Excel Reports from Search

If your end users prefer to use Excel to analyze the data, Skedler makes it so easy to deliver the data to them in a timely manner.  Simply create a search in Kibana (you don’t need to create any dashboard) and schedule a report in Skedler based on your search and configure it to email XLS reports.  Your end users will be happy and your life will be easy!

Report Level PDF Personalization

You can now customize the PDF reports including the logo at the individual report level.  So, if you are sending out reports to different customers, you can customize the reports with their logo and offer a personalized analytics solution.

And a Lot More

Skedler v2.0 has many more enhancements such as dynamic filters on Search based Reports, performance improvements, and not to mention that it includes all the goodness that Skedler v1.3 introduced.

See a Live Demo or Try It Free for 15 Days

If you would like to see a live demo of Skedler v2.0 or would simply like to test drive it in your environment for 15 days,  contact us to get started.

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